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Virtual Microscopy for Cell Biology and Histology


24/11/2016 5th anniversary of HistoViewer - Congratulations!
25/04/2016 250,000 user-contributed entries - well done!
08/01/2016 The user interface got a facelift. The new icons should make the use of our page more intuitive. Also, some minor bugs and limitations were corrected.
24/11/2015 Happy Birthday, HistoViewer! It's your 4th anniversary.
04/11/2015 More than 200,000 entries contributed by our hard working students!
16/04/2015 The user annotations now amount to more than 150,000 entries. Keep going!
15/03/2015 A couple of new specimens are available (thanks to Jay for helping). The new scans at 60x oil replace older scans that were made with our 20x oil lens. All older scans are also still available for students who started to work with these specimens.
12/03/2015 Thanks to user requests and suggestions, there is now a new version of HistoViewer with improved layout and zoom functions. Enjoy!
11/03/2015 We have made a pretty fast specimen viewer optimized for mobile devices with small screens. Just click on Mobile to find out how it works!
20-22/01/2015 Due to electricity work the server will not be accessible during that time.
27/09/2014 We did a major update of our server. The site should be up and running again.
30/04/2014 The new version of HistoViewer includes a number of improvements. By clicking on " My entries " under My specimens, users can now see their entries in a searchable table. Moreover, all open windows are listed under My specimens, and you can navigate to each window by clicking on the respective heading.
12/04/2014 Since the start of HistoViewer, users have created more than 100,000 entries. Keep going!
14/03/2014 The homepage now shows the newest database entries. Also, several software updates have been installed. All at one time, we fixed some minor bugs in HistoViewer.
05/12/2013 New function: positions shared via email can now directly be copied into "My Specimens" - have fun!
27/09/2013 We added some really nice odontology specimens. The images can be found in the specimen box "Aarhus University - Odontology ".
21/04/2013 HistoViewer has been updated. Due to a bug in Safari and Google Chrome on Mac OS X, some users experienced a weired behavior of some windows when changing zoom level via multi-touch gestures. The new version should catch these events. However, it is strongly recommended to adjust the magnification in the menu rather than using browser zoom, as the latter will result in rather blurred images.
12/03/2013 A short user manual in Danish can be found here.
10/03/2013 New lung specimen as 60x oil scan is now available as specimen no. 93 in Histology II.
26/01/2013 HistoViewer has been updated. Please use the above link to get to the new page.

What is HistoViewer?

HistoViewer is a 'computer microscope'. We develop it as an accompanying tool for our microscopy courses.

Where can I find documentation?

A user manual can be downloaded here.


- Quickly 'fly' over the specimen
- High-resolution images using oil immersion
- Open multiple interactive windows at a time
- Create your personal annotations
- Exchange and discuss annotations with other users

Do I have to register?

The short answer is no. However, registering will give you access to your personal database where you can store your annotations and labels and have access to the features you discovered at a later time point - from any computer.

Which browser do I need?

Up-to-date versions of all major browsers (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer >=9) will work fine. In the recent months, some of these browsers achieved great speed improvements, so it can pay off to test different ones. Older versions of Internet Explorer (from 8 downwards) are not supported.


All content of HistoViewer including scripts, scanned slides and design is protected by copyright law.